10) How do you go about choosing Love Systems instructors?

This is a big part of my role. We probably have 100 applicants for every 1 we finally bring on board.
First, you need to be able to pick up beautiful women. Amd you need to be able to do it under pressure. I deliberately stress the hell out of potential instructor candidates before I watch them pick up women. Because when it’s bootcamp time, it’s going to be stressful. You’ve got your fellow instructors and a group of paying clients watching you “demonstrate” you’ve got to be able to do it, and do it well. And you know that there’s not only a money back guarantee (that instructors are partially responsible for) on everything Love Systems does, but that every client is going to be filling in a detailed feedback response the day after the bootcamp. I can and have removed instructors who weren’t meeting our standards – and in some cases these were guys who were really good with women but couldn’t do it under pressure. Second, you need to be able to explain exactly what you did every step of the way. You need to be able to watch others guys and see exactly what they are doing right and wrong and be able to explain it in a way that makes sense and leads to lasting change. This is where most guys who are good with women fall short. We do a lot of role-plays or I do pick ups with deliberate mistakes to see what kind of feedback they give me.

Third, you have to fit within our values

. Plus, you need to be someone people want to hang out with. People don’t realize how hard this job can be – planning and running a bootcamp, you’re spending about 40-45 hours together in the course of a few days. You’ve got to be able to get along.

The official page is here


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